Best Mora Knives – Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Mora Knife

Mora Knives

Mora is a town in Sweden and originated from Finland, famous for its Scandinavian-style knives. So the name Mora Knife came into existence, also called Morakniv. Historically the two major manufacturers that make these knives are Frosters of Mora and KJ Eriksson.  Many people like outdoorsmen and women will use the best Mora knives in their kits. In addition, we can use them from bushcraft to survive for general purposes.

scandinavian-style kinfe

The Scandinavian-style knives were around a thousand years and established as one of the best and most widely used bushcraft in existence. Mora knives are available in different models, shapes and at different prices. These knives are not foldable, and their sheaths are friction-locks that will hold the knife securely under most circumstances. The handles of the knives are simple with wood, thermoplastic, and the blades are with modified clip points.

Factors to Consider before buying

  • Mora knives are fixed blade knives and are thin and small in size. They are built with durable material to perform well all the tasks. These are suitable for kitchen food preparation, cleaning in the woods, close-quarter self-defense, and even batoning or carving wood.
  • The Morakniv can handle heavy duties with small and lightweight. Not all the Mora knives are the same, even though they were all made by the same company. These knives are rather small than many other knives of a fixed blade, bushcraft like KA-BAR knife.
  • People who want to use the best Mora knives for heavier duty like splitting wood, batoning then go for the knife with a slightly longer blade length, around four inches.

best mora knives

  • Now pay attention to the material of the Morakniv blade, but not the size. Most of the blades of these knives made with carbon steel or stainless steel. The most popular option is the stainless steel blade because of its rust resistance. The durability of the knife depends on the type of stainless steel blade thickness used.
  • Sometimes the flip side of things, carbon steel knives are suitable to perform heavy-duty tasks. Put the greater effort to care for the blade by wiping it after exposure to moisture and rain.
  • Finally, concentrate on the grip design for the best Mora knives. Choose the comfortable knife, provides plenty of friction for the hand in slippery condition.

Best Mora Knives

Depending on the comfort, durability, size, blade, and price, choose the best Mora knives.

Morakniv Fixed Stainless Steel Blade

Morakniv Companion knife

Morakniv is one of the best Mora knives and has a versatile fixed-blade; the outdoor knife with 4.1 inches hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade is ideal for carving, food preparation, and cutting fuel. High-quality Swedish steel is razor sharp longer than carbon steel and is less prone to rust. In addition, it is a patterned, high friction grip that sits comfortably in hand, for greater control, safety, and performance, especially in cold and wet conditions.

The blade length is 4.1 inches (104mm), blade thickness 0.1 inches (2.5mm), overall length is 8.6inches (218mm), and weight/sheath is 4.1 oz. (116g). It includes a color matching plastic sheath with a belt clip, easy to use, and safe hand washes—Morakniv, made in Sweden with a lifetime warranty.

Cost: $19.99

Mora Knives Craftline Knife

best Mora knife craftline

Morakniv Craftline basic 511 high is with carbon steel, fixed blade utility knife, and combi-sheath. Basic 511 are the most used of our classic knives. Appreciated and loved by professionals and hobby artisans for generations. It is the best mora knife; this knife is designed and intended for Scandinavian-style construction workers. The priority is a sharp and durable edge with a good grip, which means that the look of the spine is not a high priority feature.

The solid finger guard optimizes safety, and the new large shaped handles make the knife sit even better in hand—the blade, made with high-quality carbon steel and manufactured in Mora. The carbon steel will make the knife easy to re-sharpen to use over and over. But sometimes, the carbon steel will be affected by moisture, and corrosive environments, so wipe the blade after using it.

Cost: $9.99

Morakniv Wood Carving

Best mora knife scandinavian-style

Morakniv is a wood carving of 106 knives with a laminated steel blade is one of the best mora knives with Scandinavian-style. It is a wood carving knife that is durable and has an oiled birch wood handle. For many generations, the carpenters and wood cravers use it as a precision tool. As a result, many professionals worldwide trust the quality material and craftsmanship of this mora knife.

These knives featured ergonomically designed handles and employed premium-quality steel, optimally adaptable to the given task for which the knife intended. It is a thin, tapered blade of laminated steel with a blade length of 3.2 inches (82mm), blade thickness 0.08 inches (2.0mm), total length 7.4 inches (188mm), and weight 2.0oz (58g).

Cost: $25.64

Mora Knives Companion Fixed Blade Knife with Carbon Steel

Best Mora Knives with carbon steel/ morakniv

Morakniv will always utilize high-quality knife steel, optimally adapted to the tasks for which the knife intended. These knives made from high carbon steel achieve high hardness, exceptionally tough, and easy to re-sharpen when combined with the classic scandi grind. In addition, it includes color matching, hard plastic sheaths to keep it secure, and features a belt clip to carry conveniently and a drain hole.

The Mora knives are for chopping small limbs, carving and prepping tinder, or cutting wood for the fire. It will easily carve some fresh fuel that assists with fire-starting or creating a feather stick that helps when starting a new fire with damp wood or without fuel.

Cost: $17.99


People who want to get Mora knives of Scandinavian-style can go through the features, reviews, and price of the given best mora knives which does the given task. Then, choose the mora knife with durability, stainless steel or carbon steel, stylish design with excellent grip, multi-purpose like in the kitchen, woods, etc.

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