Best Stripper Pole for Home Use – Factors Considered Before Buying

Stripper Pole

Stripper pole or Dance pole is the passion and also for a good reason. These poles are a fun way to a great workout and also to spice up the sex life. People can spin, hang upside down, swing, and feel and look sexier. The best stripper pole for home use is also available in the market. Many people are using stripper poles as a workout at home. Some even use a portable stripper pole in the bedroom for fitness phenomena.

Dance pole

For many years, people negatively impacted the Dance pole and associations that seduce stripping clubs. Nowadays, people view pole dance differently; they see health habits, especially in conditioning and toning. The space at home looks for the best stripper pole with height adjustment, diameter, and warranty, and weight capacity.

Stripper pole in bedroom

Best Stripper Pole

The best stripper pole has good features, size, smooth, funky, and easy to use. Below are some of them with features and prices.

YAHEETECH Portable Stripper Pole

YAHEETECH Portable Stripper Pole

YAHEETECH is a portable stripper pole used for physical exercise at the gym, home, bar, or props for photography. The height of the Dance pole is adjustable from 88 inches to 108.1 inches (7.3feet to 9feet), and there is a silicone ring at the bottom of the dome, and the base plate protects the ground and ceiling. The maximum weighing capacity is 44lbs/200kg. Dance pole set made of premium chrome-plated steel with silver finish, sturdy and durable. It is a practical design to build muscles, keep fit, increases strength and flexibility. With this thoughtful design, people can choose spinning or static mode. It is a sturdy and safe stripper pole for the apartments; it’s a perfect fit.

People can do all kinds of tricks on the Dance pole, jumping, spins, climbing, and other tricks. For people who are serious about pole dancing, YAHEETECH is the best option since it is easy to switch from static to spinning. The quality is good and very stable when put up correctly. Easy to assemble and take down, sturdy enough to spin and invert. People love and feel fun working out the upper body. It is the best spinner pole for beginners; make sure to hold the ceiling part goes evenly. Then, untwist the screws at the bottom for spinning mode.

Cost: $199.99

Amzdeal Dance Pole

Amzdeal stripper pole in bedroom

Amzdeal stripper pole for home is the best way to keep fit. Whether the person is a beginner or a pro pole dance, looking for a new way to keep sharpening or fit the skills, Amzdeal helps reach the goal. It is friendly for both men and women users. Amzdeal is with solid steel construction that loads 500lbs weight and is anti-rust so that the life span is for years. In addition, it is with a seamless surface that offers a comfortable hand feeling and superior safety. The dance pole fits ceiling height from 4.1feet to 9feet (50 inches to 108 inches); there is also an extension pole available.

The portable stripper pole articulates the base and angular stability that locks and helps stabilize the pole on even surfaces. The upper dome and bottom base come with an integrated silicone ring to provide stability. The height is fully removed and adjustable; place the dance pole anywhere in the home. It has a rubber seal on the top and bottom of the dome; the steel material is 2.2mm thick, 45mm diameter tube. The dance pole is for both static and spinning fitness at home. It is the best stripper pole in the bedroom.

Cost: $139.99

SereneLife Spinning Dance Pole


SereneLife is a professional stripper pole that is anti-rust, durable with heavy-duty, and easy to install. It is with a practical design to build muscles, increase strength and flexibility, and keep fit and healthy. SereneLife is a portable stripper pole with removable stripper fitness, adjustable and smooth connection. The height of the dance pole is adjustable from 82 inches to 108 inches (6.7feet to 9feet) and with a weight capacity of 617lbs. It is suitable for dance, sports exercise at home, gym, or show in a club or party pub, etc. It is easily transportable anywhere. The dance pole is easy to install; it is not a ceiling device, easy to store and save space.

It is the best stripper pole for beginners, professional dancers, and also pole fitness lovers. Screw together tubes with high precision joints (almost seamless), providing a comfortable feel and not scratching the dancer’s hands. There is a silicone ring at the bottom of the dome and base plate, and it is clear, detailed instruction for easy and fast installation and takedown. Most people focus on fitness and exercise with the dance pole; some practice pole dance, including contemporary pole. It is a portable stripper pole in the bedroom that can be detached and attached anywhere in the house.

Cost: $141.25

ZENY Portable Stripper Pole

ZENY Dance Pole

ZENY spinning dance pole set made with premium-grade chrome-plated steel in silver finish. It is durable, heavy-duty, and sturdy, and the weight capacity is 440 pounds with a 45mm thick steel pole that makes the whole set stable and firm. Just screw together tube high precision joints almost seamless, providing a comfortable feel and not scratching the dancer’s hands. The base and the dome featured a silicone pad to prevent slippage, protect the floor and ceiling, reliable to use. So people can enjoy pole dance at home.

We can extend the dancing pole from ceiling height 7.3feet to 9feet. Easy to adjust the height, and there are two modes of the set according to the need. By tightening the bottom clamping screw, the dance pole will be locked, which is the static mode; remove the clamping screw and use the poles spinning mode. The threaded solid joint increases the fit of the pipe. Screw together tube high precision joints which will not scratch the hands.

Cost: $105.99

Factors Considered before buying a Stripper Pole

People who want a stripper pole for the home must consider few things before buying. However, if there is a need for a portable stripper pole or a permanently installed one, below are some factors.

best stripper pole in bedroom

  • Size: Before buying a stripper pole, measure from the ceiling of the home and get one. People must install the pole correctly; if there is no correct measurement, it will be a disaster.
  • Safety: For safety, the purpose does not rely on compression and bolt the stripper pole to the ceiling. Look for the pole, which is sturdy and easy to put up or take down if there are guests, and do not explain the stripper pole in the bedroom.
  • Stay Smooth: The ceilings must be smooth if there are textured ceilings like acoustic tiles, popcorn ceilings, and another textured surface that prevents a tight installation and will damage the ceiling. So make sure to a smooth surface.
  • Get Funky: For people who are using the stripper pole and are built for the home. Some of the people will get the light-up pole to stimulate.


People will get information regarding the best stripper pole for home and especially in the bedroom with prices. Go through the size, safety, height, etc., needs to be considered before purchasing and also go through the reviews. Then, choose the dance pole that suits according to the requirement and budget.

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