5 Best Fire Extinguisher for Cars | Causes and Prevention of Car Fires

Best Fire Extinguisher for Cars

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher, a fire protection device used to control small fires or to extinguish in emergency situations. A typical fire extinguisher has a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent that discharged to extinguish the fire.

Some of the extinguishers manufactured with non-cylindrical pressure vessels are also existed but are less common. Fire extinguishers not used for out-of-control fires like fire reached the ceiling, endangers the user i.e. no escape route, smoke, explosion hazard, electrical fires, etc. In this article, we provided information regarding the best fire extinguisher for cars.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

There are three types of fire extinguishers.

Class A

Class A is the lowest class of fire extinguishers. This type of extinguisher made to put out ordinary combustibles like paper, wood, plastics, etc. with the key components as mono-ammonium phosphate. The essential attention to pay is for its ratings because they made for one specific type of fire or the ability to put multiple different kinds.

Class B

This is the second classification for fire extinguishers and deals with flammable liquids. This covers things gasoline, oil, and paint commonly used in garage and vehicle fires. Car fires are not usually started with fuel so these liquids are throughout the vehicle and escalate the fire quickly. The components used are sodium bicarbonate or mono-ammonium phosphate.

Class C

This is the highest classified fire extinguisher deals with electrical fires. The safety products containing non-conductive agents, which not only put out the fire but also prevent electrical current reaching us. When dealing with cars, electrical fires are most common and this coverage is crucial for the automotive extinguisher.

Benefits of Fire Extinguishers for Cars

  • The important benefit of fire extinguisher having in a car is safe and also for the safety of the passengers. It is not compulsory to use but having extra protection is smart and reassuring when something bad happens.
  • Apart from saving the people in the car, we also must keep the car safe. Having a fire extinguisher will also keep the car safe. Car fires act quickly and destroy the car before emergency services arrive.
  • If the car catch fire and you cannot control it, the entire car gets destroyed. If there is a fire extinguisher then we can save the car from the severe damage by this we also can save the cost of replacement or repairs.

Car Fire Causes & Preventions


There are several reasons to get a car into the fire. Some of them are Wiring & Electrical faults, oil & fluid leaks, car accidents, poor maintenance, and overheating.

  • Car fires can happen when the wire becomes loose or frayed, the exposed raw wire can cause sparks, and when cross with other wires will start a fire. When there is both the loose wire and spilled fluids under the bonnet the fire increases. Red flags to look for older vehicles with old wiring, poor re-wiring and electrical work, and blown fuses.
  • Highly flammable oils like engine oil, gasoline, transmission oil, and brake fluids leak or likely to leak on a hot engine they will particularly susceptive to fire.
  • Car accidents often lead to oil spills or electrical faults. When a car is crushed in an accident the fluids spill all over the road. These spills lead to fire sometimes if friction or electrical wire during the accident sends sparks to the fluids and causes fire. This is very dangerous because gasoline in the car is highly flammable.
  • If the car is not maintained properly like poor servicing quality also leads to fire. A wrongly wired electrical circuit in a car, wrong grade electrical insulation usage or poorly installed machinery pieces also led to fires. Make sure that a qualified mechanic to get servicing to the car.
  • If the cooling system fails the car engine overheat occurs. Car overheating occurs due to broken coolant line and pump, cracked radiator, etc. It is important to keep an eye at the temperature gauge on the dashboard and if the car overheated pull over the dashboard immediately.


We can avoid car fires by taking some simple preventive steps.

  • First and for most driving safely. This is one of the best ways to prevent car fires. And maintain and keep a distance from the other vehicles while driving.
  • The next important prevention is to ensure the car taken to a qualified mechanic for regular maintenance and servicing. By proper servicing, the mechanic will identify the issues before a fire occurs.
  • We have to check the car for any leaks, sticky oil leaks on an engine, or puddles to form under the car is a red flag. Those oils cause danger to everyone.
  • Please make sure not to park the car over long dry grass. The bottom of the car will be hot and when parked at the long dry grass will cause the car to catch alight especially on hot days. Grass acts as kindling.
  • It is better to not to transport the gasoline by car. If transported, it should be taken in a certified container by following local laws and regulations. Also, make sure to keep the container out of the passenger’s compartment of a car.

5 Best Fire Extinguisher for Cars

Below are the 5 best fire extinguisher for cars.

First Alert Fire Extinguisher | Car Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Fire Extinguisher, Best Fire Extinguisher for Cars

First Alert Car Fire Extinguisher made with a durable metal head designed to meet demanding needs. The metal used is a corrosion-resistant metal gauge that is easy to read color-coded and provides accurate measurement. It is having a metal pull pin to keep the seal safely that helps to prevent accidental discharge and discourage tampering.

There are brackets and straps for the secure placement of extinguisher. The product comes with 4 step easy instructions and with a chemical resistant and waterproof label. First Alert is the most trusted brand for home safety and launched its first product residential smoke alarm in 1958.

Used mostly for 5-B: C rated compact cars, fights flamillimeterable liquid and electrical fires. It is small and can also fit in the trunk. The product meets UL standards. The product dimensions are 2.9*2.9*10.3 inches and with 2.7 pounds of weight.

Cost: $16.99

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Kidde Auto/Marine UL Listed Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Auto or Marine UL Listed Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Fire Extinguisher is in white color and has a slim cylinder design. These extinguishers rated for use in both automobiles and on boats. These are BC fire extinguishers, we can use them to put off the electrical fires and liquids fires.

Kidde fire extinguisher comes with a mounting bracket which makes it easy to find a secure place to keep it in the car. These extinguishers rated for up to 120 degrees and safe to keep in the cars during the hottest summer days. Kidde fire extinguishers are only rated for B & C fires and not effective to put out the Class A fires.

The mounting bracket made with plastic and easy to pull safety pin. It has rust and impact-resistant steel handle. This is UL certified and chemical extinguishing agent. It also has a retention strap. The product comes with a 6-year warranty.

Cost: $22.16

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Badass Moto Mount for Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar

Badass Moto Fire Extinguisher Mount for Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar

Badass Moto or Car fire extinguisher is the best way to securely mount a fire extinguisher. It is compatible with the Jeep wrangler roll bag or cage. It is handy and looks good, we can place it anywhere we want it. The extinguisher is quick and easy to access, it has a holder that completely stops it from rolling around on the floor and from getting lost behind the seat.

It is easy to install in 60 seconds with no tool needed, and no holes to drill. This fire extinguisher makes you drive safely. It is built better with top-grade materials and upgraded durable stainless steel hardware. Fits FA110 fire extinguisher and also similar-sized units.

Badass has adjustable Velcro straps and with versatile functionality. The product dimensions are 9.7*7*1.5 inches and weigh 6.4 ounces.

Cost: $21.99

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Amerex Dry Chemical Extinguisher – B417T

Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher - B417T - 2.5 Pounds

Amerex Car Fire extinguisher comes with a quality vehicle bracket. It is also having the key specifications that we usually look in an extinguisher for a car. Amerex is with A, B, and C certified for both liquids and electrical fires. The discharge time is 10 seconds.

The gauge on the extinguisher is easy to read and also high quality. It is longer than the other extinguishers with 15.5 inches. We may have an issue for placing this under the car seats or in small cars. Amerex is a trusted and respected brand in fire extinguisher space.

This extinguisher is the best fit for most of the roll bars. This is the best choice for jeeps and trucks having roll bars. The extinguisher made of metal and aluminum value. The product dimensions are 15.5*5.75*15.5 inches and weigh 1 pound.

Cost: $42

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Bracketeer Car Extinguisher Bracket

Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Bracketeer Car fire extinguisher is the World’s number one fire extinguisher bracket. It is with adjustable width design which either clamps on the seat rails or bolts on to the seat mount points. Compatible with the cradles supplied with Amerex, Kidde extinguishers.

We can install easily in 15 minutes without drilling any holes within easy reach. Made with high strength A572 and high-grade stainless steel bolts and Allen keys. Fits all types of cars, jeeps, SUVs, etc. Bracketeer provides an online facility to check the ability of the system to your vehicle.

The product dimensions are 12.63*2.25*2.25 inches and weigh 1.5 pounds. It fits 2 to 2.5 lb. extinguishers for vehicles.

Cost: $59.90

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When it comes to car safety, the best choice in fire extinguisher needs to be compact and effective. The fire extinguisher must be perfect to fit and capable of handling the types of fires most likely occurs. Above are the 5 best fire extinguisher for cars with features. Make sure to do research and due diligence before buying. And also seek professional advice before making a decision, which fire extinguisher is right to buy.



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